Dining Options

Restaurant Hours

Lunch — 10:30am until 3:00pm, Monday – Saturday

Dine in your vehicle — Curb open from 10:30am until 3:00 pm, Monday – Saturday

Get it To Go — Call in your to go order at 912-265-3131. Doesn’t matter if you want it for just you or the whole crew. We will have it ready when you want it.

Get it Delivered! — That’s right! Now your company, group or organization can get their favorite meal delivered!
On orders of $100 or more we will deliver it to your door!
Local Businesses, Groups and Organizations can call in advance and have their lunch delivered to them at their location. You can order by the pound or individual meals. This will be great for those busy days, meetings and much more…
Remember, Please call in advance so we can arrange your delivery!
For more details call us at 912-265-3131.

Catering an event or responsible for the food! We offer a lot of items like BBQ by the pound, BBQ Sauce by the gallon, BBQ Beans, Brunswick Stew and more in large portions. Check out our menu!